SieriPoro Safaris is an authentic and original Lappish reindeer farm. Our families have been practicing reindeer herding in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland since at least 1800. Our reindeer farm is located by beautiful Sierijärvi Lake, about 15 km from the center of Rovaniemi.

Reindeer are a semi wild domestic animal living in the north and grazing on the fells and in the forests. The lifestyle and bodily structure of a reindeer resembles a deer. There is no accurate historical record of the reindeer’s domestication, but it may have occurred in the late Middle Ages.

In Sweden and Norway, reindeer herding is an exclusive right for the Sami people. In Finland, reindeer herding is practiced by both Sami and Finns. In southern Lapland, most reindeer owners are ethnic Finns, such as the SieriPoro reindeer family. There are more reindeer than human beings in Finnish Lapland: there are about 180,000 people and 220,000 reindeer in the region. More information about Lappish reindeer can be found at the Finnish Reindeer Herding Association website :

Traditionally, reindeer farms receive income from reindeer meat and other reindeer products. SieriPoro has also been developing our tourism offerings since the late 20th century. Our farm has several hundred reindeer. Tourists can visit our reindeer and participate in memorable reindeer safaris on our farm and learn more about the work of reindeers herders.

You are most welcome to our real and genuine Lappish reindeer farm !